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Insecurities... cause don't we all have them?

So, lately I have been hearing a lot about insecurities and more specifically, the pressures women feel that lead to unhealthy relationships with food and their body and such. I have noticed myself being overcome by my own insecurities and have seen other people in my life greatly impacted by anxiety. It seems that nowadays pretty much every girl starts suffering from these issues in her teenage years. Sometimes it’s merely an annoyance, but sometimes it leads to very dark places (depression, anorexia, etc.) It’s not something to be trifled with and the ramifications are no joke.
Well, I preface with those things just to tell you that this topic has been heavy on my heart. It’s something people talk about a lot (which is much better than acting like it doesn’t exist), but the so-called solutions I often hear of are quite appalling. People say that you must train your mind to think positively. You must decide to “believe in yourself”. You must look in the mirror and tell yourself you…