Saying Yes

So, I wanted to take a minute to explain my heartbeat behind releasing this blog to others. For the past couple months, I have kind of used it to journal for myself when I feel like God is trying to teach me something, knowing that no one else is actually reading it. However, I feel like God is calling me to share what He has been teaching me with others because I never know how that could encourage someone else or remind them that God is ultimately in control of their lives. By no means am I saying that I have this life thing perfect or that my relationship with God is seamless. It is actually quite the opposite. I am reminded daily of how much I have to learn about God and how much I need to continue to grow in my relationship with Him. I want to do some of that learning and growing on this blog though, in hopes that God could use it to encourage someone else.

I am particularly releasing it this summer because I am embarking on a new adventure that I feel the Lord has called me to. I will be traveling to China this summer for 2 weeks to serve orphans there with a ministry called Bring Me Hope. To say the least, I am pretty nervous about what God has in store for me there but more than that I am oh so excited. I feel like God has called me to serve there this summer, and I am so excited to say yes to that calling, regardless of how scary it may be. I plan to blog about the trip and what God is doing while I am over there. If I don't get the chance to post while I am there, I will write things out and post them when I get back. I want those journals for me to have later in life and to maybe encourage someone else out there.

So, should you choose to read my previous and upcoming posts, I hope that the Lord can teach you something through it. Thanks for reading. This is me saying yes to something I feel called to do. It is a leap of faith but I know the Lord will be faithful through it all.



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