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SOAPS: daily devotion

It's a love relationship. It's meant to be intimate. It's going to take hard work and intentionality. It's meant to be honest. It's meant to be humbling. It will convict. It will remind. It will confuse. It's a conversation. It's learning about who He is to see His beauty more clearly to worship more fervently. It's a SOAP.

Okay well as amazing and romantic as that description sounds, if I am being honest, it's not always that pretty. It is not always going to bring you to tears or bring you to your knees. There will be days when you feel like you got nothing out of it and you will begin to question why you do it. But then you remember. You remember on the days when you lean into what you are reading and God speaks to you or convicts you or encourages you through his word. You remember why you spend 15 minutes every morning starting your day with Him and His word.

It is Scripture Observation Application and Prayer. I read simply a chapter a day and …


Patience (courtesy of anabilityorwillingnesstosuppressrestlessnessorannoyancewhen confrontedwithdelay 

This is a hard one for me. Operating on the assumption that I am not the only one with this struggle, I want to share some things the Lord has taught me about this word. 

It ultimately comes down to trust, faith, and a reliance on the Lord. Trust in the Lord's timing is something I have always struggled with. It's a control issue... I know. In order to address this issue of mine, I have spent a lot of quiet times in prayer about this word. I physically open my hands while praying and plead with the Lord to open my clenching fists and give God my time. For me, it can be much easier to give Him other parts of my life, but time is something I want to control. But the Lord has continually shown me that His timing is better. It is always better. The Lord never gives us less. He gives us so much more. As humans, the term "more" immediately gives us an idea …